I did Insanity

Posted July 4, 2015 by drumfool
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Alright.  Here are the much sought-after Insanity before and after pics.

The before shots are from November of last year when I decided I was going to start exercising and dieting again.  I did neither.  I started Insanity on May 1 of this year and did not take any before pictures.  I was fairly sedentary for the year leading up to Insanity, so these before pics are fairly representative of what I looked like on Day 1.  In addition to completing all of the scheduled workouts, I also kept track of my macronutrient ratios according to the Insanity diet plan.  I was pretty strict about it for the first month and about 80% for the second month.  Except for probably a handful of days, I always created a caloric deficit.




I started around 185 lbs and got down to 167 lbs.  I still have some work to do, but I am very pleased with my progress so far.  I plan to keep losing weight in order to take some stress off of my knees and shins for the two half marathons that I have coming up in September and November.


I’m reading a book

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My old blog was awesome…

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…but I’ll save you the trouble of finding the best post, because here it is.

Originally posted at http://drumfool.xanga.com/ at 10:15AM on Thursday, December 4, 2003:

Dear blog (or michelle, or whoever else is reading this… suckers).  I have class in an hour.  Basketball game last night.  we won, and by we, i certainly mean i was out there playing basketball for ucla.  it was against ucr, so i figured playing center wouldn’t be a bad idea, with my drum on, coach didn’t like that i had to count off ‘sons of westwood’ while he was trying to talk to me, but it’s all coo, i think i’ll sit out the rest of the season.  I’ve been losing a lot of chess so it was nice to win.  anyway, back to reality where i’m still 5’6″ and hate playing sports.  two more days of class, no more days of econ, no more band, one more music theory class ever, and by ever, i probably don’t mean ever cus there’s always grad school where they will shove much much more theory into my head.  alrightie, this has been fun, but i should shit/shave/shower… in that order.  or all at once, that could be fun.  i suppose i could sit on the pot while crapping and shaving and have the shower door open and point the nozzle at myself, or i could just shave and poo in the shower.  all terrific options.  or crap and shower and shave on the kitchen sink,  yes,  here i go to the kitchen.  Sorry Ingrid.  At least it’s not ants.  Why are there always like two or three ants in the bathroom at any given moment.  Why not none or a thousand or so.  don’t get me wrong, i’m not wishing to have a thousand ants appear in my bathroom when i go to shower (which will probably actually end up in the designated showering area, as will the poop [the pooping area that is]), but why the steady flow of a couple ants at a time,  I mean, i kill them, then two or three more come an hour or so later.  don’t they realize that they’re not finding anything.  isn’t that was ants do?  they send out the drones to find shit (literally and not) and then when they don’t return (cus i killed them) or they do return with no shit, don’t they stop checking there,  what could possibly be attracting them to my bathroom countertop.  maybe we should clean the bathroom.  I’ll pay someone 10 dollars to thourougly clean our bathroom.  taylor, you don’t count.  i’ll pay you in jewish rye bread.  alright, i’m off.

I’m awesome.

PS.  I do like playing sports.

It’s not a New Year’s Resolution

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I bought a book and now I’m gonna get huge.

Haven’t blogged in a blah blah blah

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Hi there.   I promised Michelle Kim that I would blog if she did.  She called my bluff.  So, instead of coming up with some great content, I decided to cash in a freeroll.  This time it was the rush poker variety.  16th place for 3 dollars out of 7500 entrants:

In other news, I’m in Tahoe with the McKees.  It has been a great time so far.

Thanks McKees.  I should probably sleep before another awesome day of snowboarding at Northstar.

Also, if anybody wants to keep up with my (non-snowboarding) exercise exploits, you can track my progress at dailymile.com.  You should get an account and friend me and then run.  Michelle and I are preparing for the Disneyland Half Marathon in September with a couple of her law school friends.  We are awesome.

Speaking of my wife, did you know that I got married?  Here’s proof.  Michelle has since started her job.  She may very well be there right now.  I miss her a lot and can’t wait to see her Thursday night.

Satellite to Ferguson

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in other words, I won a dollar.

37th place out of 7500

Posted July 11, 2010 by drumfool
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is good for ninety cents in the freeroll that I just cashed.